Still got it!

Balancing well enough to strut up the boat trailer without taking an unexpected plunge. Over the years, folks have marveled at my seemingly effortless boat-loading skills. Truth be told, it's become second nature to me. The real magic? Stepping out of the boat onto the trailer's frame, finding my sea legs as I stroll to the hitch, and gracefully dismounting alongside the winch to crank the boat onto the trailer.

Spring Snowstorm or the I'm Not Going Fishing Today even if it is April Report

Yes, it is snowing this morning this is my view out the office window as I start my workday. A good old-fashioned snowstorm with maybe 6 inches on the ground so far. The wind howled out of the east last night but has dropped off this morning with only occasional 20 mile per hour gusts. The forecast calls for snow on and off for the next couple of days with anyone’s guess for our total accumulations.


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