Something new on the saltwater this morning

This this morning my client had good success casting surface poppers for stripers. The interesting part of the morning came well after sun up when we came on this group of seals working cooperatively to trap a school of pogies. I have seen two or three seals working together in the past, but this was a group of between 12 and 15 and as you can see part of their scheme was coming clear of the water and I assume this splash is to help chase or at least confuse the bait.

Water Bottle Dilemma

It's important to stay hydrated on our trips. Being outside in the sun and wind can be dehydrating, which can make a morning on the water less enjoyable. Many years ago, I started providing reusable water bottles with the Maine Outdoors logo. This served two purposes: helping to keep you hydrated and reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles.


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