Frequently Asked Questions



Is the price per person?

No prices are for the trip including eveyone.


What is included?

Licenses, equipment, boat, guide and lunch on a 6 hour trip


How many can be on a trip?

Up to 4 on most trips and 5 on family fishing trips with children. Fly fishing trips are best with only 2 for safety. 


What about small children?

They are welcome! Not a problem at all on a Scenic Boat trip or an eagle watching trip.

Children under 10 years old are required to wear a life vest by law and we are happy to provide one. Please let us know in advance if there will be kids along under 10.

I encourage kids to be on a family fishing trip on freshwater where they are more likely to be successful and there is a little more for them to see and do. 


When do you offer your trips?

For reference here are the general season dates that I tell folks who are considering a trip in the coming year.

January 15 to March 2 Guided Ice fishing

April 1 to November 15 Guided Pike fishingGuided Eagle Watching

April 15 to November 15 Guided Freshwater bass fishing , Guided Learn to Fly FishGuided Fishing Basics

May 1 to October 15 Guided Family Fishing

May 25 to October 1 Guided Striper FishingGuided Scenic Maine Coast Boat Tour

Keep in mind that as seasons get closer and the weather picture gets a little clearer the begin and end dates can change.



Keep in mind that as seasons get closer and the weather picture gets a little clearer the begin and end dates change.


Will you arrange a trip share?

No Maine Outdoors trips are exclusive meaning that it is your party and the guide. If you would like to bring friends, please do. Know that we will not put you with folks that you do not know.


A member of my group has difficulty (walking, seeing, hearing) or another health concern. Can they go?

Certainly most issues can easily be accommodated (including a wheelchair) I prefer to know in advance so that I can be sure to have anything special needed readily available.


We never fished before (or not for a long time) can you teach us? Or help setting up our new equipment?

Of course! I would be delighted to help you get started and offer a trip with that as the focus.


Sea sickness?

I fish for stripers on saltwater in the Saint George River and if it gets choppy, I am usually able to fish in a cove out of the wind, ocean swells are not an issue in the river. On the freshwater the local lakes and ponds are small enough that this is not a concern.


Is there a head (bathroom) on board the boat?

I am sorry no but we are never far from the boat launch with restroom facilities on fresh and saltwater. I am happy to make the trip whenever needed.


When is the best time to go?

Seasons start in early April fishing for pike, bass begin to be available in May. Stripers arrive here in late May sometimes as early as the second week of the month. Family fishing trips for young kids are best when it is warmer from mid may until early October.

Stripers leave in the middle of October with bass and pike fishing still quite good until the middle of November. During those times there is always a chance that fishing on any given day will be fabulous or terrible, know that I will work my hardest to keep the terrible day from happening, but it sometimes does.

Eagle watching and scenic boat trips are best in the morning any time of year but will work whenever fits your plans.

Start times are your choice. When you look at a date in the reservation link it will show you the available times for any date that fits your plans. Over the years I have proven many times that the best time to go is when you can.


Will I see a moose on a Maine Outdoors Trip?

Everyone asks about seeing a moose while they are out with me. The short answer is that while it is not impossible to see one here in the mid coast but it is not likely. More information here.


What if it rains or the wind blows?

If conditions are not safe (think thunderstorm) the trip will be over as soon as I can make the boat launch or occasionally even before it starts. If that happens anything that you have paid will be refunded no questions asked.



The work of biologists and those that protect Maine's fishery resources is dependent on the funding provided by our license fees. That is why I became a license agent (30 years ago now) to ensure that all of my clients help to fund the resources we enjoy and appreciate. Licenses are required by law on fresh water and saltwater for everyone who fishes and is older than 16.

 On saltwater your name and address are enough information. On freshwater trips expect an e-mail with a link to a form that will collect the detailed information needed to fill out your license before the start of your trip. If you cannot do that no worries I can issue a license at the start of your trip, it only takes a few minutes.  The online form just makes it go faster when we are together and gets us on the water quicker.



We accept credit cards, Venmo, checks and of course cash. Payment in full is due at the end of your trip. Our online reservation system will allow you to pay online in advance it that is more convenient for you.


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