Information on other things to do near Camden Rockland and Thomaston

Welcome here are  recommendations that we give to our  clients in the local area. That is near Camden, Rockland and Thomaston.

The links above take you to information sheets that Maine Outdoors has provided to our clients for many years. They are updated each winter places we are going to frequently. 

Click on the link to download and open the file.


Beech Hill Preserve

This morning on a cold clear winter day with a nice coating of snow Argy and I hiked up Beech Hill in Rockport. From the Beech Hill Road side it is an easy hike on a wide path to the top where there are stunning views in every direction. We took the trail from the east through the woods and really did not have the view until we were at the top. The views out over Penobscot Bay and the islands usually capture my eye but today I liked this view off to the northwest. Pretty amazing that you are in coastal Maine when you see that view.

Neither trail is especially difficult, and my phone tells me that our walk this morning was about a mile and a quarter each way. An easily accessible hike for anyone with a spectacular view at the end. This preserve is a project of the Land for Maine’s Future Program where I served two terms on the board.




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Thank you for taking a trip with us!

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